Production Clerk

Canton Maintenance Depot, Cardiff

As we embark on our journey to transform the railway across Wales & the Borders, we are looking for a flexible Production Clerk to join us in our Canton Maintenance Depot.

The Production Clerk will be in charge of analysing and extract relevant information from worksheets to enable you to prepare and present spread sheets and KPI’s required. We are looking for someone with good communications skills as the position is often the first point of contact for both internal and external customers. The Production Clerk must also have experience in computer data entry and providing / developing spreadsheets from data collated is also an essential part of the role. As well as experience in planning and amending planned workload in line with real time activities.


Key requirements:

·       Accurately prepare and distribute documents and allocate works reports in line with unit arrivals onto depot and maintain fuel point logs on a real time basis.

·       Liaise with Production Team Leaders to allocate staff members to tasks accordingly.

·       Review unit examination mileages in line with any diagram variance to lay out exam plan overview to amend real time and to plan for morning service allocations.

·       Ensure all ‘in person’ and telephone enquiries are dealt with and communicated to the duty Shift Production manager appropriate action is taken at all times.

·       Transfer live real time repairs found on fuel point to the maintenance log and assist Team Leaders in allocation of work.

·       Work closely with the Operations Team Leader to ensure units are allocated to diagrams to enable full utilisation of exam mileages in line with the exam plan.

·       Produce various daily KPI’s (unit miss-formed units, exam mileages etc.).

·       Completion and distribution of various reports and information documents to be used during the morning meetings.

·       Understand the systems used for maintenance data recording and reporting.     

·       Keep up to date with changing safety briefs and policies.

·       Understand the depot procedures and operations.

 The Production Support Clerk will need to be flexible for night shifts. Please keep this in mind when applying.

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Production Support Clerk TFW


  • Location: Canton Maintenance Depot, Cardiff
  • Job Title: Production Clerk
  • Hours: 35
  • Salary £35,590
  • Closing Date 24/04/2019
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